Gareth Bale warned MLS won’t be ‘easy’ by LAFC teammate Carlos Vela

If Gareth Bale thinks he’s heading to Major League Soccer for an easy ride, he may be in for a harsh reality check.

That’s according to new LAFC teammate Carlos Vela, who has warned the Welshman that MLS is ‘not an easy league’, despite regular derision from the outside.

“Well this league is very physical,” said Vela, who signed a contract extension as a Designated Player through 2023 on Tuesday.

“If Bale is in good shape and comes with a good mentality and attitude, he will be very important because he is a big player that comes from Real Madrid so I don’t have to talk much about him. Everyone knows how good Bale is.

“The only thing I can say is that he will have to work hard because MLS is not an easy league like many people think.”

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