‘I could see him’ Andy Gray says one Arsenal player was ‘miserable as sin’ on Thursday

Speaking on the Keys and Gray Podcast, Andy Gray has been discussing Gabriel Jesus after some comments he made this week.

The Brazilian made the audacious claim that he was ready to play 70 games this season across all competitions if he needed to, and Gray was rather impressed by this level of commitment.

Indeed, the pundit spoke highly of Jesus after these comments, stating that it was music to his ears.

Interestingly, Gray also noted that he saw Jesus looking rather unhappy on the Arsenal bench against PSV this week, stating that the Brazilian looked ‘miserable as sin’ as he was forced to watch his teammates from the sidelines.


Gray reacted after hearing that Jesus said he’d happily play 70 games this season.

“A good guy, well done,” Gray said.

“I know you have to control them slightly, but that is music to my ears. I love that Jesus has said that, I could see him on Thursday night and it was funny actually, they cut to a shot of him on the bench and he was miserable as sin, you could see him sat on the bench thinking ‘I should be out there’.”


Gray is absolutely right about Jesus, he didn’t look happy to be on the bench in the Europa League, and that’s because he wants to play every single minute available to him.

That’s exactly the sort of mindset you want your players to have, especially when you’re competing to win multiple competitions.

Unfortunately, as Gray says, you do need to rotate your squad in order to avoid fatigue, but if it was up to Jesus, he’d never be on the bench.

This is a player enjoying his football right now, and he wants to play as much as he can.


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