Luis Suarez reveals ‘five or six offers’ from MLS teams

Luis Suarez has revealed he has “five or six offers” from undisclosed MLS teams at the moment, as he considers his next move.

The forward denied the possibility of a reunion with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami last week, but did not shut the door on Major League Soccer entirely. In an interview with Radio Sport 890, Suarez said he would decide his fate in the next two weeks with the FIFA World Cup in mind.

Suarez currently stands as a free agent after leaving Atletico Madrid earlier this summer.

“The thing is that some possibilities are for January, I have to analyze everything. The market in MLS is very complex – some clubs want you, but they don’t have the slots, and so it would have to be for January,” Suarez said. “Other clubs want you now, but I have to evaluate if they have a chance to qualify for the playoffs.

“I’m not closing the door to anyone and I’ve listened to all the offers. But if some MLS teams don’t qualify for the playoffs, they end their season in the first week of October, and that’s not useful for me because I would stop for a month ahead of the World Cup, which wouldn’t be good for me.”

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