Megan Rapinoe labels US abortion ruling ‘sad and cruel’

USWNT star Megan Rapinoe has spoken out against the “sad and cruel” ruling of the US Supreme Court which overturned women’s constitutional rights to have an abortion.

The court voted 5-4 in favour of overturning the historic Roe v. Wade ruling, which has existed for 50 years, in a move that is likely to result in a ban on abortions across half of America’s 50 states.

There were chaotic scenes outside the court in Washington D.C. as protests got underway, and a number of prominent sporting figures spoke out once the ruling emerged.

Rapinoe was among those to address the issue, and she delivered a powerful statement to the media ahead of USWNT’s international friendly with Colombia.

“I wish that we could just talk about soccer today, but obviously with the ruling on Roe vs. Wade that takes precedence over everything is hard to put into words,” Rapinoe said. “How sad a day this is for me personally, you know, for my teammates, for just all of the people out there who this is going to affect.

“We know that the lack of abortion does not stop people from having abortions. It stops people from having safe abortions. I would encourage people to understand all of the different aspects that overturning Roe v. Wade will have on so many, actually on everyone in the entire country.

“I just can’t understate how sad and how cruel this is. I think the cruelty is the point, because this is not pro-life by any means.”

In a statement, the National Women’s Soccer League said the court decision “denies individuals in this country the full liberty and equality that is the cornerstone of a just society.”

The league’s organisation added: “Reproductive rights are human rights. Until every individual has the same freedoms as their neighbor, our work is not done. We will continue to make our voices heard.”

Rapinoe also admitted she was “scared” for her future after Justice Clarence Thomas called for further consideration of Lawrence v. Texas, which protects the right to same-sex romantic relationships, and Obergefell v. Hodges, which allows same-sex marriage. 36-year-old Rapinoe is currently engaged to professional basketball player, Sue Bird.

“I absolutely think gay rights are under attack,” Rapinoe said. “I absolutely think we will see legislation pop up state by state by state that will eventually come to this radical court. I have zero faith that my rights will be upheld by the court.

“I have faith in our country and I have faith in people and I have faith in the voters. And if you ever needed a f***ing motivation to vote, to get involved – quite literally people’s lives depend on it.”

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