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Myself and my dad have been going to the Brandywell stadium to watch Derry City play (sometimes just try to play to be honest) football since 2001. According to the old scoreboard – not just old but ‘still used cardboard scorecards that needed to manually changed’ old – in the Brandywell, the first game we went to finished Derry 4-2 Shelbourne.

What the final score actually was, and who the Candystripes were even playing, however remains a mystery to us because, according to the Brandywell scoreboard, the next 20 games we went to also all saw Derry beat Shels (the top team in the country at the time) 4-2…

As it turned out, the man who’d been tasked with changing the scoreboard had given up on that job years before we’d started going to games.

Image courtesy of Kevin Morrison

Image courtesy of Kevin Morrison /

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