‘They’ll finish above’: Paul Merson makes a claim about where Arsenal and Liverpool will finish

Writing in his column for Sky Sports, Paul Merson has been discussing Arsenal and Liverpool ahead of this weekend’s game.

The Gunners face the Reds this weekend, and for the first time in a long time, Arsenal may well be heading into this fixture as favourites after winning seven of their first eight league games, while Liverpool have won just two games so far this term.

For the first time in a long time, Arsenal finishing above Liverpool is not out of the question this season, and according to Paul Merson, the Gunners will finish above the Reds if they manage to win at the weekend.


Merson made a claim about both clubs and where they may end up this season.

“If Arsenal go 14 points clear on Sunday, it takes Liverpool out of the equation for Arsenal. The main aim for Arsenal is to be in the top four, we’ve seen what Man City can do, but being in the top four and being competitive, they can’t lose that insight or get carried away,” Merson said.

“If they win though, they’ll finish above Liverpool. If Liverpool got beat three more times all season, Arsenal would have to lose a third of their games to finish behind them.

“If Arsenal finish fourth, it’d still be amazing after being out of the top four for so long. But Liverpool have been so competitive with the points they’ve put up, it’s a massive game on Sunday.”


It’s way too early in the season for anyone to be making claims like this.

Yes, a 14 point gap would be absolutely massive, but let’s not forget, this Liverpool team almost clawed back that exact tally from Manchester City in the title race last season, and with all due respect to Arsenal, City are a better team than the Gunners.

We’ve all been around long enough to know that this Liverpool team should never be written off, and we can’t help but feel that Merson could end up eating his words here.


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